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Finding a company that can perform reliable window repairs can be challenging; let alone a business that specializes in wood window repairs. But if you’ve grown up on the East Coast, you know that numerous windows in the area have wood frames, and over time, they’ve grown old and require either replacement or astonishing repairs if they ever want to be utilized again.
Here at New Outlook Historic Window Restoration & Preservation, we gladly take on the challenge of making sure that you can retain your glorious wood windows. Given that we only work with wood window restorations, we know the ins and outs of guaranteeing a long life for your wood windows.
When you call us today, we’ll immediately set you up with a window restoration contractor who will provide you with a free estimate as to the amount of work that’ll have to go into restoring your windows. While some believe that certain conditions cannot be fixed, we believe differently down at New Outlook Historic Window Restoration & Preservation. No job is too difficult for us, nor will we simply take the easy route out and say that you need new windows. We guarantee that you’ll retain the essence of your home, inside and out.
Peter Paltrineri, a former owner of Peter C Paltrineri Company, has merged with New Outlook Historic Window Restoration & Preservation. Our numerous years of experience give us the tools to tackle many challenges and always find a solution for your issues. Whatever the problem may be, we’ll fix it!

For those looking at wood window restorations in Providence, RI, contact New Outlook Historic Window Restoration & Preservation. We’re a group of friendly window experts who want to help you keep your home in the best condition possible, while retaining as many working parts as possible! 

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